Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremonies are a bond of love between two people. People who live in a Defacto relationship and cannot for legal reasons or simply don’t wish to formally marry quite often have a Commitment Ceremony.

This is an opportunity to declare their love and public affirmation – and “Commitment” to each other before their family and friends. People choose to have a Commitment Ceremony as a celebration of their love. Some couples decide to celebrate this commitment with a simple private ceremony, others a lavish affair with all the trimmings. A Commitment Ceremony does not involve any legal paperwork but can be one of the most meaningful moments in a person’s life. There are no legal benefits to having a Commitment Ceremony. However they decide to celebrate this moment, it is important they take some time to reflect on their feelings, their love for each other, and their commitment to each other.

A commitment ceremony is usually less formal than a marriage ceremony. However this is a choice you make with the options available. The makeup of the ceremony will depend on the couple's own preferences. I will offer choices in ceremony style, poetry, and readings, ritual – it’s really up to the couple to have most of the input into their very own ceremony. Just contact me if this seems to be the ceremony you are looking for.

Same Sex Commitments Ceremony

Our laws in Australia currently forbid Same Sex Marriages; therefore we as Authorised Marriage and Civil Celebrants can only go so far. However for those in the Gay and Lesbian community who desire to make a Commitment to each other, I have a number of resources available to assist.

I can help with a Partnership or Commitment ceremony, it can be similar to a formal wedding but without the legalities of declaring a couple "married", instead you can have vows of fidelity, readings, family involvement, poetry and special rituals such as a Wine, Sand or Rose ceremony.

At the end of your ceremony you will be declared Partners in Life Together, and a suitable printed Certificate will be presented to you. You can have a private and small ceremony with close family and friends or a large lavish affair including lots of guests.

A Commitment Ceremony can be held anywhere you like – from your own garden, a restaurant or function centre. It all depends on you and the ceremony type you are looking for.

As a Civil Celebrant, I come across many and varied requests for personalised services so I would be happy to you with a Same Sex Partnership or Commitment Ceremony, which is meaningful and identify you and your partner as one within your family and society.

Just contact me and we can start planning.

David & Melanie J

12th January 2011

Thank you for stepping in to be our Celebrant at the last moment because of illness of our original Celebrant. I must admit - because we hadn’t met you we were a bit nervous - but happily that disappeared as soon as you started our ceremony.
You are a lovely lady, very generous in spirit and made us feel very special on our special day. Thank You


Penny, Jochen, Eliah & Mila

Our sincerest thanks to you for officiating our wedding. We had a fantastic time and it was such
a special day that will stay with us forever. We would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks for your co-operation, expertise and efficient planning of our wedding.