Naming Day Ceremony

The tradition of Naming Day dates back to before Christianity. The ancient Romans used to hold a public ceremony to celebrate the birth of their child. The Islam faith, the Hindus, the Buddhists and Judaism all held their own special ceremony according to their traditions and faith.

A Naming Day is a Civil Ceremony held in place of your choice. It is the civil alternative to a traditional western Christening or Baptism for a baby at any age, or it could be for an adopted child or adult who has changed their name.

A naming ceremony is a 30 to 45 minute personalised ceremony, depending on content. It is usually held to welcome and introduce your new person into your family or community.

The Naming Ceremony will be personally written for you and I will supply suggestions and information on poetry, prose and readings, also the many ritual choices you have. You may like to have a candle or a water ceremony, or even an earth, wind and fire ceremony.

Ceremonies can be held almost anywhere, at your home or garden or someone else's. It could be held in a public park, restaurant, a reception venue or on the beach. A ceremony could be held at anytime you like, on any day suitable to you and your guests.Baby

As well as parents and child a Naming Day Ceremony includes God – parents, Mentors, social Guardians or Aunties and Uncles. Brothers and sisters or stepbrothers and sisters could also be involved. Great Grand-parents and Grandparents could have their special role to play. A naming ceremony can be used to "blend" a family together. And a certificate could be presented to anyone included in the ceremony.

I will help you with the preparation of your individual ceremony and supply examples of poems, prose and readings suitable for the occasion. Through personal meetings, email, telephone or fax we will create a ceremony you are completely happy with. I will professionally deliver that ceremony at the venue of your choice, with or without a rehearsal. At the conclusion of the Ceremony, I will present certificates to parents, God parents, grandparents and siblings as required.

You would need to prebook my services as a Civil Celebrant for the day and time of your choice. If you were to hold the ceremony away from your home you may have to book your venue. I would have to have at least one interview with you before the ceremony, to plan ceremony content. You may wish to hold a rehearsal or "run through" before your ceremony.

Download an example poem here









John & Mel Cummins

14th April 2010

Just a note to say thanks very much for performing the ceremony at our daughter, Mia’s naming Day last week. We and family and friends were impressed by your humour, insightfulness, your friendly manner. I think you may have a number of ceremonies coming up soon from our friends.

Naming Day

Micha & Gordon

Thank you very much for the effort and resourcefulness you put into the Naming Day Ceremony for our twin sons - Jaydon and Rory.
The yard was filled with other small children of our friends and family - but you were not daunted at all by the noise and activity - I admire your concentration and humour. The way you included all those children in the ceremony was great. Thank again and again for a lovely fun ceremony.


Mel & Sebastian

Thanks a lot for helping us out with the naming
day ceremony for our newest adopted daughter Remi - that makes three now. I’m sure we will remember it always.